Dacher Keltner


Dacher Keltner

        Dacher Keltner is currently a Professor of Psychology at U.C. Berkeley and founding faculty director of the Greater Good Science Center and co-editor of the magazine Greater Good. He received his BA in 1984 from UC Santa Barbara and his PhD from Stanford University in 1989. and he completed three years of post-doctoral work with Paul Ekman at the University of California, San Francisco. He is the author of over 100 scientific papers, two best-selling textbooks (Social Psychology, with Tom Gilovich and Richard Nisbett; and Understanding Emotions, 2nd Edition, with Keith Oatley and Jennifer Jenkins). He has also written for the Utne Reader and the New York Times Magazine. Dacher has received numerous national research and teaching awards. Most recently, WIRED magazine rated the podcasts of his course Human Emotion as one of the five best in the country. Current research in his laboratory focuses on prosocial behavior, power and moral reasoning, and collective emotions.

Dacher Keltner博士目前是加州大学伯克利分校的心理学教授,Greater Good Science(至善科学) 中心主任,《至善》杂志总编辑。Keltner于1984年在加州大学Santa Barbara分校获得学士学位,并于1989年在斯坦福大学获博士学位。博士毕业后曾作为博士后,与加州大学旧金山分校著名的情绪心理学家Paul Ekman教授一起工作了三年。Keltner博士已经发表了100多篇学术著作,以及两本销量极佳的关于情绪与幸福的专著(一本是与Tom Gilovich和Richard Nisbett合著的《社会心理学》,另一本是与Keith Oatley和Jennifer Jenkins合著的《理解情绪》),成为第一位被授予积极心理学奖项的获奖者。他同时是《纽约时报》杂志的撰稿人。Dacher多次获得国家级的研究与教学奖励,最近《WIRED》杂志评选最受欢迎的网络课程,他所教的“人类情绪”跻身前五。Dacher Keltner教授现在主要关注亲社会行为、权力与道德推理,以及群体情绪等方面的研究。


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