Nansook Park


Nansook Park

       Dr. Nansook Park is an Associate Professor of Psychology at the University of Michigan, and a nationally certified school psychologist (NCSP). She did her graduate work both in Korea and the USA and has a research and practice background in clinical and school psychology. Her work in collaboration with Dr. Christopher Peterson in studying character strengths and virtues is considered the most ambitious undertaking within the new field of positive psychology. Dr. Park has taken the lead in developing ways to assess character strengths among children and youth and in conducting cross-cultural investigations. Her main research interest is the promotion of positive development and well-being across the life-span in different culture settings. She is interested in the correlates, mechanisms, and consequences of character strengths and virtues, happiness, and positive experiences, and especially their role in resiliency, well-being, health, family functioning, education, and work. She is also interested in strength-based practice at school, work, and mental health services. Her studies of children and youth well-being have been recognized by several national and international honors. She is a member of the Annenberg/Sunnylands Commission on Positive Youth Development and the Steering Committee of the International Positive Psychology Association, a Research Fellow at the Positive Psychology Center of the University of Pennsylvania, Associate Editor for the Applied Psychology: Health and Well-being, and Consulting Editor for the Journal of Positive Psychology.

Nansook Park博士现为密歇根大学心理学副教授,Nansook Park博士的研究生学习在韩国和美国完成,并且有临床和学校心理学的研究与实践经历。她与Christopher  Peterson博士一起合作研究性格优势和美德,这在积极心理学研究中被看作是最具雄心的新领域。Park博士在儿童和青少年的性格优势评估及其跨文化研究方面已处于领先地位。她的主要研究兴趣集中在不同文化背景下如何促进个人积极发展和终生幸福方面。她是Annenberg/Sunnylands关注青年积极发展委员会成员,也是国际积极心理学协会董事会成员及指导委员会成员,宾夕法尼亚大学积极心理学中心研究团队成员,《积极心理学杂志》编辑。

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