Robert Wright


Robert Wright

       Robert Wright is an American journalist, scholar, and prize-winning author of best-selling books. He is a visiting scholar at The University of Pennsylvania and Schwartz Senior Fellow at the New America Foundation.

He graduated from Princeton University with an interdisciplinary degree in public and international affairs,then served as a Senior Editor at The Sciences and later at The New Republic, and as an editor at The Wilson Quarterly. He has been a contributing editor at The New  Republic , Time and Slate, and has written for The Atlantic Monthly, The New Yorker, and The New York Times Magazine.

       His books are about science, evolutionary psychology, history, religion, and game theory。He’s won many awards, including the best book of 1994 by The New York Times Book Review, the New York Times Book Review Notable Book in the year 2000 and the 75 smartest [business-related] books of all time by Fortune Magazine. He even was listed by American former president Bill Clinton as one of six people he’s been most influenced by.  Wright’s column “The Information Age,” written for The Sciences magazine, won the National Magazine Award for Essay and Criticism.

Robert Wright是美国资深的记者和畅销书作者,同时也是宾夕法尼亚大学的访问学者,并担任新美国基金会的Schwartz高级研究员。他毕业于普林斯顿大学,主修公共与国际事务专业。早年,他曾担任《科学》杂志、《新共和国》杂志和《威尔逊季刊》的高级编辑,在《大西洋月刊》、《纽约客》和《纽约时代》杂志发表过文章,且一直为《新共和国》杂志、《时代》等执笔专栏。

Robert Wright的图书涵盖了科学、进化心理学、历史、宗教和博弈论(game theory)等内容。他曾经获得过许多殊荣,包括《纽约时报》书评评选的年度最佳图书奖,《时代周刊》评选的“75本有史以来最佳商业书籍”,甚至被美国前总统克林顿誉为对自己影响最大的六人之一。此外,他为《科学》杂志撰写的“信息时代”专栏还获得过“美国国家杂志奖”。


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