Eunkook Mark Suh


Eunkook Mark Suh

       After graduating from Yonsei University in Korea, Suh obtained his Ph.D. at the University of Illinois (Champaign), working with Dr. Ed Diener. He served as a faculty member at the University of California at Irvine before returning to his alma mater in Seoul. Subjective well-being (“happiness”), self, and culture are Suh’s three major research topics. Cultures, by sampling different aspects of experience and by emphasizing different types of information, crucially influence how individuals construe themselves and others. The personal experience of happiness, various judgments one makes about the self and other people, and intriguing lay beliefs shared by cultural members are all profoundly shaped by this dynamic psycho-cultural process.

Suh博士最早毕业于韩国延世大学,后在伊力诺伊香槟分校与积极心理学创始人Ed Diener一起工作,并获博士学位。他在加州大学欧文分校(UCI)任教职,后回到他在韩国的母校延世大学。Suh博士最主要的三个研究主题是主观幸福感、自我和文化。Suh博士认为,文化——比如说体验的不同方面和强调信息的不同类型——对于解释自我和他人具有至关重要的作用。心理-文化动力系统会极大地影响个体对于幸福的体验、对于自我和他人的不同判断、以及文化成员所共有的、被激活的潜在信念。

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